Thursday, July 20, 2017

Utility Billing

(952) 985-4580

Utility bills are sent out quarterly, through the City's Finance Department. Your utility bill includes fees for water, sanitary sewer, street lighting services, environmental resources, and state testing.

The City has a contract with RMR Services to read residential meters for billing. The meter readers wear identifying clothing and drive specially marked cars. Meter readers record usage from the outside readout device - they do not need to enter your home.


Click here to register for eUtilityBilling, an online tool which allows you to search all your utility account information, pay your utility bill online, or sign up for the automatic payment plan.

With eUtilityBilling, you can view your account information, including:

  • Billing history
  • Water history
  • Service information
  • Utility rates

You can also use online utility services to do the following:

  • Make a payment
  • Report a problem
  • Cancel service
  • Sign up for eBill to receive your bill via e-mail

How to register for eUtilityBilling

Web link Click on this link to go to Lakeville eUtilityBilling

  • From the eUtilityBilling page, click on Register.
  • On the registration page, enter your name and e-mail information, then enter a user name and password of your choosing.
  • Enter your account number, putting the first half in the top box and the second half in the lower box as indicated (see image below to help you find your account number).
  • Click Register at the bottom of the page.

Sample utility bill

Utility rates

To see the current schedule of utility rates, download the document below.

 Current utility rates

Opening or closing an account

Opening or closing an account requires a meter reading, which is provided free of charge. To schedule a reading, contact Utility Billing at (952) 985-4580.

Utility payment drop boxes

Utility payment drop boxes can be found at the following locations:

  • City Hall: 20195 Holyoke Avenue
  • Water Treatment Facility: 18400 Ipava Avenue
  • Lakeville Liquors Kenrick: County Road 46 and Kenrick Avenue
  • Lakeville Liquors Galaxie: County Road 46 and Galaxie Avenue

Automatic bill paying

Have you forgotten to pay your utility bill? Avoid costly interest charges and hassles by enrolling in the Automatic Payment Plan. Download the form below to sign up.

 Utility bill Automatic Payment Plan

Conserve water - reduce water costs

Faulty plumbing and irrigation of lawns can result in high water consumption. Download the brochure below to learn water-saving tips.

 Water conservation techniques

Utility rate analysis

The Lakeville City Council requested its financial advisor, Springsted Inc., to prepare a water and sanitary sewer analysis to determine the appropriate utility rates for 2014. The analysis recommended increases for both water and sanitary sewer rates. Download the report below.

 Utility rate analysis: November 25, 2013

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